2016 Daihatsu Thor: Small minivan isn’t Swedish, has turbo hammer

The Daihatsu Thor is a small Japan only minivan with an optional 1-liter turbo engine, seats for five, and is also sold as the Toyota Tank and Roomy.

The three small minivans are actually made and designed by Daihatsu. There are two nose designs with different headlamps, grilles, and bumpers: one has a thinner grille that’s more sporty, and one has an in your face tall grille.

Neither version looks Swedish at all.

Toyota sells these two versions under different names, and through different sales channels. Daihatsu only has one sales channel, so both versions are marketed as the Thor.

Like the Toyota Tank and Roomy, the Daihatsu Thor has a a naturally aspirated 1-liter 3-cylinder gas engine with 51kW (68hp) and 92Nm (68 lb-ft) with FWD as standard. AWD is optional with this engine.

There’s also a 1-liter turbo 3-cylinder gas engine 72kW (97hp) and 140Nm (103 lb-ft), but is only FWD.


Length: 3,700 – 3,715mm | 145.7 – 146.3 inches
Width: 1,670mm | 65.8 inches
Height: 1,735mm | 68.3 inches
Wheelbase: 2,490mm | 98 inches