2016 Daihatsu Move Canbus: Cutest kei minivan ever resembles Catbus

Based on the latest Daihatsu Move kei car platform, the new Canbas has 5 seats, sliding rear doors, and smoother and much cuter styling than its siblings.

To us the face looks almost like the mythical Catbus from Miyazaki’s wonderful My Neighbor Totoro.

Under the hood and behind the wide gaping smile of a grille is a 658cc 3-cylinder gas engine with 38kW (51hp) at 6,800rpm, and 60Nm (44 lb-ft) at 5,200rpm.

All models are fitted with 155/65 tires and 14-inch wheels, and a CVT transmission driving either the front wheels or all four wheels.

Prices for the new Daihatsu Move Canbus start at ¥1,188,000 (US$11,700) and go to ¥1,668,600 (US$16,420).


Length: 3,395mm | 133.7 inches
Width: 1,475mm | 58.1 inches
Height: 1,655mm | 65.2 inches
Wheelbase: 2,115mm | 83.3 inches