10 million Toyota Camrys have been made in Kentucky

The Toyota Camry was first produced in Kentucky 33 years ago, and now TMMK has produced its 10 millionth Camry.

The 10 millionth car was a white Camry SE sedan.

Although the Camry was introduced to the US in 1983, it wasn’t until part way through the second generation’s model cycle that production began in Georgetown, Kentucky. The first production Camry was a white LE in May 1988.

TMMK made its 1 millionth Camry in 1993, and the Camry (which was both built in the US and imported from Japan) because America’s number one sedan for the first time in 1997. In the same year the 2 millionth Camry was made by TMMK.

It only took three more years before the 3 million mark was crossed in 2000, and in 2002 the Camry regained its crown as the number one sedan in the US.

The first Camry Hybrid was made in Kentucky in 2006.