Ford Falcon XR8 teased in how-to-camouflage-a-car video

Ford’s teaser campaign for the facelifted Falcon continues apace, with the XR8 teased for a second time. This time in a video.

The video above shows Neil Trickey, Ford Australia’s prototype build coordinator, hard at work disguising the new Ford Falcon XR8 for some public road testing.

In the video we can see the design for the headlight elements on the XR8, which includes U-shaped LED driving lights. The cutlines for the headlights and tail-lights seem to indicate that the final update to the Falcon won’t include new front and rear fenders, although the boot panel, bonnet, grille and bumpers all look new.

We’ve updated our 2014 Ford Falcon XR8 gallery to include select screencaps from the video.

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Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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