Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze previews Polo-sized SUV

Excluding the convertible top, and maybe the 2-door body, the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze is our best look yet at one of two sub-Tiguan SUVs coming from Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze has a 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo with 81kW (110PS) and 175Nm (129 lb-ft). It drives the front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Weighing 1,250kg (2,755 lb), the T-Cross Breeze can hit 100km/h in 10.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 188km/h (117mph).

Volkswagen says that the earlier T-Roc concept will spawn a production SUV that will be around the Golf’s size, and which will slot in underneath the Tiguan. The T-Cross Breeze’s production counterpart will be Polo-sized and fall in underneath the T-Roc.


Length: 4,133mm | 162.7 inches
Width: 1,798mm | 70.8 inches
Height: 1,563mm | 61.5 inches
Wheelbase: 2,565mm | 101 inches