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Volkswagen Golf: Top seller in Sweden for 2016, first non-Volvo in 54 years

The Volkswagen Golf has topped the Swedish car sales charts for 2016, and is the first non-Volvo model to become the country’s best selling model.

According to Sweden’s car makers’ association (via the BBC), the Golf topped the sales charts and it constitutes 5.9% of all new cars sold in Sweden in 2016.

The Golf replaced the Volvo V70 as the country’s top selling car, as the V70 went out of production part way through 2016.

Volvo’s top three selling cars in 2016 (the V70, S90 and V90) combined to only have a 5.7% market share.

The last time a non-Volvo topped the sales charts in Sweden was 1962, when the Volkswagen Beetle was number one.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Geely owned car maker, it’s still the top selling car brand in the country, making up 21.5% of all sales, compared to 15.7% for Volkswagen.

Source: BBC