Toyota Verso minivan axed because everyone loves SUVs and hybrids

The Toyota Verso has formally been axed from the company’s European range, with production of the compact minivan actually coming to a stop in October 2017.

Since production at Toyota’s factory in Turkey ended, Toyota UK and Europe has been selling left over stock. The company expects to run out of Verso supplies by the end of 2018.

The Verso won’t be replaced by a new minivan, because sales have been slow and buyers prefer crossovers, and more specifically hybrid crossovers.

Until the end of July 2018, Toyota sold 821 Verso minivans in the UK. In the same time it sold 3,921 RAV4 SUVs, 88% of which have a hybrid powertrain. The Verso was only available with gas and turbo-diesel engines.

Toyota Europe will continue to sell one minivan: the Prius+.

Source: Autocar