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Toyota iQ/Scion iQ etymology: What does the name mean?

The Toyota iQ and Scion iQ are tiny city hatchbacks capable carrying up to four people. We’re sure it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what their names mean.

According to Toyota, the i stands for individuality, while the Q is for quality.

It almost goes without saying that the Toyota iQ (Scion iQ in North America) also alludes to the Intelligence Quotient, which aims to quantify just how bright people.

As such, the name for Toyota’s 3m (118 inch) city hatch is obviously a homage to Daimler’s Smart division, and specifically the ForTwo with it competes. The ForTwo is around 400mm (15.75 inches) to 500mm (20 inches) shorter overall and seats only two.

While the iQ has a unique FWD platform with petrol and diesel engines, the ForTwo utilises a rear-engine RWD layout.