Toyota Avalon axed: US production ends after 2022 model year

Just as the Toyota Avalon has become exciting (or at least interesting), it’s going to be axed because no-one loves big sedans anymore.

Especially big sedans from non premium marques.

In a letter to suppliers, Toyota has confirmed the 2022 model year will be last for the Avalon in North America. The company confirmed the letter’s contents to Automotive News:

“While Avalon will be discontinued after the 2022 model year, Toyota remains committed to the sedan segment and we encourage customers to stay tuned for future developments. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky production capacity and employment will not be impacted.”

The Avalon was introduced in 1994, and based on a stretched Camry platform with duller styling and more space to appeal to an older and more conservative audience.

Sales peaked in 2000 when 103,878 were sold. It’s been downhill since then as buyers have shifted to SUVs and crossovers.

Despite (or because) of the downward trajectory of sedan sales, the styling for the Avalon has become more and more sporting with the current and previous generations actually looking more than OK.

Source: Automotive News