Tanker of delicious chocolate spills all over Polish highway

A truck in Poland carrying a tanker full of delicious, delicious liquid chocolate had an accident, and spilled its entire contents across a four lane highway, causing massive traffic delays.

Credit: ABC News Australia

Liquid chocolate spilled across Polish highway

The truck ended up on its side lying across both directions of the highway, leaving 12 tons of chocolate to slowly solidify in the warm spring sunshine.

“Even oil stains are easier and quicker to remove than smeared chocolate,” Bogdan Kowalksi, a firefighter at scene said.

“It’s a time-consuming task. Layers of chocolate can only be removed from the tarmac with warm-pressure water, that’s what the chocolate manufacturer says.”

The driver (60) of the truck only had minor injuries.

Source: ABC News Australia, The New York Times

Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson

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Tanker of delicious chocolate spills all over Polish highway