Land RoverDiscovery

Special Land Rover Discovery joins Austrian Red Cross fleet. Stat!

Developed over 18 months, a specially modified Land Rover Discovery has joined the Austrian Red Cross disaster response fleet as a mobile command center.

The special Discovery has four radio antennae, 360 degree exterior lighting, and bespoke carbonfiber loadspace command center.

The car includes an 8 rotor drone with a thermal imaging camera that can spot a person from 440m (1,443′) away, and identify a car from almost 1km away (0.6mi). The operator can see imagery from the drone via a slide out computer with a touchscreen video feed.

The newest member of the Red Cross/Red Crescent fleet is the latest collaboration between the two organizations in a relationship that stretches back to 1954. Land Rover has donated over 120 cars to the Red Cross/Red Crescent.