Skoda Superb Greenline can do 1106mi/1780 on one tank

The new B8 Skoda Superb Greenline hatch and wagon has a fuel efficient turbo-diesel engine and lots of energy saving mods for a range of 1,106mi/1,780km.

The Skoda Superb Greenline uses a 118hp/88kW 1.6-liter turbo-diesel paired with a 6-speed manual. There’s also automatic engine start/stop, brake energy recovery, longer gear rations and selective catalytic reduction.

Skoda has also lowered the Superb Greenline’s suspensions by 15mm and added a tailgate spoiler. The company’s aerodynamic changes have brought the coefficient of drag to 0.263 for the hatch and 0.275 for the wagon.

With these green features the Skoda Superb Greenline has a fuel economy rating 63.5mpg (3.7L/100km).

The car has a 17.4 gallon (66 liter) tank, and is able to drive 1,106mi (1,780km) on one full tank.