Seat Tarraco etymology: What does its name mean or come from?

The Seat Tarraco is the brand’s newest crossover, and its largest with seven seats, but where does its name come from, and does it mean anything?

The Tarraco is named after the city of Tarragona, which was known as Tarraco during Roman times. Thought to be founded during the 5th century BC, Tarraco is the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian peninsula.

It was the capital of the Roman province of Hispania Citerior and later Hispania Tarraconensis.

Named via an online contest, Seat avoided having to name its new car Seat McSeatface by stipulating suggested names had to conform with the naming scheme it’s had since 1992 — the car had to be named after a Spanish town or geographical location or feature.

The shortlisted names were Avila, which won 41,993 votes or a 28.74% share in the second round, Aranda (26.91%), and Alboran (8.83%). Tarraco won with 51,903 votes or a 35.52% share.