Renault Morphoz concept previews first EV SUV, new platform

The Renault Morphoz concept is sharp electric SUV with LED strip lights, suicide doors, a bright interior, and more technology than a Best Buy.

The concept is based on the company’s new CMF-EV platform, which will be used for a new range of electric cars from the brand, with the first being a new SUV.

The concept is shown in two sizes (City and Travel) to demonstrate the platform’s flexibility.

The City version is 4.4m (173.2″) long and a 2.73m (107.5″) wheelbase, and is fitted with a 40kWh battery located low down in the floor at the rear. It has a WLTP range of 400km (249mi).

The Travel version is a size or two bigger, and is 4.8m (189″) long on a 2.93m (115.4″) wheelbase. It has a second 50kWh battery boosting the total range to 700km (435mi). This second battery can also be taken out to be recharged or used as a separate charger.

With V2G (vehicle to grid) communication, the Morphoz can power home or local appliances. The concept also has Level 3 self driving, suicide doors, a 10.2″ screen built into steering wheel, and 22″ wheels.