R36 Nissan Skyline to have hybrid powertrain

The next generation Nissan GT-R will have an electrified powertrain, although we still don’t know when the car is due or any of its other details.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, vice president of marketing for Nissan Europe, has confirmed to Top Gear the next generation GT-R will be a hybrid of some sort.

“I don’t see electrification and sports cars as technologies that are conflicting. Maybe it’s the other way around, sports cars can benefit lots from electrification,” Diernaz said.

Formula E, which Nissan will participate in from 2019, will influence and inspire the new GT-R.

“It’s a great challenge for engineers to work out electrification in the context of race, speed, lightweight. The fact it happens in the centre of cities changes a lot; it brings a new audience of people who’ll go on to become fans of sports cars and electrification.”

Source: Top Gear


2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition - side, red

Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson

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R36 Nissan Skyline to have hybrid powertrain