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Nissan NV, NV200 vans axed in America from 2021

Nissan is leaving the US van market with the NV200 compact van and NV full size van ending production in the summer of 2021.

Slow sales and red ink everywhere is forcing Nissan USA to “focus on core products”. The NV200 and NV will continue to sold from stock after they end production next year.

The NV sold 20,022 units in 2019, while the Ford sold 153,868 Transits. The NV200 didn’t do any better in 2019 with just 18,768 sold, while the Ford Transit Connect sold 41,598.

When the NV and NV200 are gone, Nissan will have just two commercial products in the US: the slow selling Titan pickup, and the about to be replaced Frontier midsize pickup.