Mitsubishi etymology: What does its name mean?

With iconic cars, such as the Lancer Evolution, under its belt, everyone knows about Mitsubishi, but what does its name mean?

Mitsubishi’s name and logo are intimately related. In Japanese its name is written 三菱, which is pronounced mitsu (三) bishi (菱).

Literally, mitsu (三) translates as three, while bishi (菱) equates to water chestnut or rhombus. Bishi can also be more simply translated as diamond.

Hence, Mitsubishi is the three diamond brand.

Mitsubishi is an enormous conglomerate of interrelated companies or keiretsu, and is also involved in finance and banking, insurance, electronics (including air conditioners), ship building, mining, real estate, food and beverages, chemicals, steel, aviation and real estate.

Car making is just a small part of Mitsubishi does. A very small part.