Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr moves sideways like a crab

The dramatic Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr at CES 2020 is inspired by the movie Avatar and the world of Pandora, and is able to move sideways like a crab.

The Vision Avtr has an “inside-out design structure” and a “one bow design” that’s dramatic and beautiful, but also never heading into production.

As the front and rear axles can be driven in the same or opposing directions, the Avtr can move sideways by 30 degrees, like a crab. Continuing the animal theme, there’s also 33 lizard scale like bionic flaps at the rear which can communicate with the driver or other drivers.

There’s no traditional steering wheel, instead there’s a multifunctional control element that the driver holds. The interior also has curved screens, 3D displays, and an interface projected onto the passenger’s palm.

The electric Vision Avtr uses graphene-based organic chemistry for the battery.