McLaren P1 GTR Beco celebrates Senna’s first F1 championship

This one off McLaren P1 GTR has been commissioned to celebrate Ayrton Senna’s first F1 championship in 1988 in his McLaren MP4/4.

The car has been named Beco, after the nickname used for Senna by his friends and family. It features a red and white color scheme inspired by the car’s cigarette sponsored livery.

It also has ‘Senna’ script and the ‘Driven to Perfection’ slogan, a Brazilian flag, and a barcode in place of the cigarette brand.

There’s also a unique 24 carat gold heatshield, Lexan rear cover, modified engine bay shrouds, and more power. It also has a unique aerodynamics kit generating up to 800kg (1,763 lb) of downforce.