Lincoln’s dedicated D6 FWD, AWD, RWD platform due in 2019

According to Automotive News, Ford will spend over US$5 billion over the next five years to reinvigorate the luxury brand. A key part of that of money will be used on a new dedicated platform, dubbed D6.

D6 is said to be flexible enough to support a variety of body styles, shapes and sizes, and it’s believed that it can be pared with front-, all- and rear-wheel drivetrains.

Ford hopes to triple the brand’s sales from around 100,000 per yet to 300,000 by 2020.

So far the blue oval has already invested US$2 billion in the luxury marque. This has brought about the redesigned MKZ sedan, based on the latest Ford Fusion/Mondeo, and the new MKC SUV (above), based on the Ford Escape/Kuga. A second generation MKX SUV, based on the new Ford Edge, is due in 2015.

Traditionally the brand has only been available in North America, but this year it has opened showrooms in China. The marque’s chances of meeting its 300,000 per year target are largely dependent on how it fares in the middle kingdom.

Source: Automotive News