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Lexus IS, RC and CT axed in Europe because SUVs

When current stock of the Lexus IS saloon, RC coupe and CT hatch have been sold in Europe these models will disappear from the brand’s range.

The high performance RC F and its 5L V8 will remain on sale though.

“It’s a decision based on the evolution of our portfolio,” a spokesperson for Lexus Europe told Automotive News. “If you look at the sales of Lexus in Europe and the overall market, the evolution is going more toward SUVs.”

According to JATO Dynamics, in the first 8 months of 2020 the three most popular Lexus models in Europe were: UX (10,291), NX (7,739), and RX (3,474). All are SUVs.

The CT is also very old (launched in 2011), the IS has been redesigned (but remains on its third generation platform launched in 2013), and the RC is a slow seller (just 422 sold so far this year).

The CT is down 35% to 2,344, and the IS down 50% to 1,101.

Source: Automotive News