Koenigsegg returning to the US, Canada in 2015

According to a report, Koenigsegg will be returning to the USA and Canada in 2015 with two fully road-legal vehicles, a federalised version of the Agera and an all-new model.

Car and Driver is reporting that Swedish hypercar-maker Koenigsegg is planning a return to the USA and Canada next year. The company plans to have federalised versions of the Agera (below) and a new, as yet unseen, car on sale in 2015.

To be road legal in the USA, these two Koenigsegg models will need to be fitted with smart airbags. Development of smart airbag systems typically require significant amounts of money, and larger car makers, such Aston Martin and Lotus, have had to seek temporary exemptions from the rules.

Koenigsegg will reportedly add three more dealers to its North American roster. Currently the company only has one dealership, Manhattan Motorcars of New York, which is responsible for selling the solitary One:1 (above) coming to the US. The One:1 won’t meet federal regs, so can only be driven under “show and display” conditions.

The company has plans on doubling its output to around 22 or 24 cars per year, so America would seem to be a vital part of that plan.

Source: Car and Driver