Hummer brand could be used for new electric pickup trucks and SUV

The brand, which was killed off in 2010 after GM’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, could be revived, but this time with electric motors instead of V8 engines.

As part of the deal between GM and the UAW to end the recent company wide strike, GM agreed to keep the Detroit-Hamtramck plant open and retool it for electric pickup trucks and SUVs from late 2021.

According to sources who talked to Reuters, these EV pickups and SUVs are part of GM’s BT1 program and could use the Hummer brand.

Vehicles from the US$3 billion BT1 program will use a skateboard chassis. The pickup should start from around US$90,000, while the SUV will begin from US$100,000.

Production will begin in limited numbers from late 2021, with the company expecting sell 80,000 per year by 2024.

Source: Reuters