How to delete paired Bluetooth phones in a Honda

We’ve driven a few Hondas lately, and they all have one annoying feature in their infotainment systems: there are six Bluetooth pairing spots available, and it’s not at all obvious how to delete one pre-existing phone’s data so you can pair your own phone.

Basically if you go into Bluetooth pairing menu, and there are already six devices paired via Bluetooth to your car, the “Add a new device” option is greyed out. In the surrounding menus, there’s line item that allows you to delete a paired device.

Similarly, if you go into the list of paired Bluetooth phones, you can only select phones you’d like to attempt a connection with. There’s still no way here to delete any of the paired phones from the Honda’s infotainment system’s memory.

The solution is to click on the physical Phone button, and answer “No” to the question “Would you like to pair to a phone?”. From the resulting menu select Phone Setup, then Bluetooth Setup, then scroll down to Delete Device, and then delete away to your heart’s content.