Honda to close UK, Turkey factories in 2021: Refuses to blame Brexit

Honda is closing both its factories primarily servicing Europe: Swindon in the UK, and Gebze in Turkey. Both plants will close in 2021.

Both factories currently produce the 10th generation Civic (the hatch in Swindon, and the sedan in Gebze). The timing of the plant closures coincides with when the 10th gen Civic will go out of production.

Honda says the closure of the Swindon, UK factory is unrelated to Brexit. With no deal currently in place between the EU and UK, the UK is poised to crash out of the European Union.

The Swindon factory produces the Civic hatch, as well as the Type R model, sold in Europe, the UK, the US and many parts of the world.

Vehicles sales in both UK and Turkey have been weak, with total sales in Turkey falling 35% in 2018.

The EU has finalized a free trade agreement with Japan allowing the two entities to export vehicles tariff free from 2027. The next generation Civic sold in these markets will be made in Japan.