Honda S660, S1000 not coming to the USA

In a move that’s surprised no-one, the Honda S660 will not be coming to the USA. Also off the cards, a larger engined S1000.

John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda USA, told Automotive News, that “I wouldn’t put my chips on [the S660 coming to the US].”

“When the practicalities of the market come in, and the car only so big, that might not be the best car for the U.S. market. It might be better for India or China or somewhere else,” he added.

In a country where the Scion iQ and Smart ForTwo are dwarfed by the size of soda bottles, that’s probably a good idea. The S660 is just 133.7 inches (just over 11 feet or 3.4m) long.

The US will get the Civic Type R soon with a 300hp/224kW turbocharged 2-liter engine. And rumors won’t die that the company is planning a small mid-engine coupe to slot in underneath the Acura NSX.