Honda CR-Z Final Label: End of production special for Japan

The Honda CR-Z is heading out of production, and will be marked by a limited edition Final Label model in Japan. Sales in Canada and US will cease soon too.

The Honda CR-Z Final Label has gone on sale in Japan, and with a name like that it’s pretty obvious that the hybrid CR-X wannabe is heading for the automotive morgue.

Good Car Bad Car (via CTV News) has confirmed that the largely unloved CR-Z coupe will be discontinued in Canada for the 2017 model year, although remaining stock will be sold until they’re every last coupe is gone.

Auto Guide confirmed that the CR-Z will also be discontinued in the US for the 2017 model year, with any slack to be filled by the Accord Hybrid and the Clarity fuel cell vehicle, according to Honda.

Sources: Auto Guide, Good Car Bad Car