Honda Clarity: High tech fuel cell car with weird looks

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell car made its debut at the 2015 Tokyo show with a 130kW (174hp) motor, 700km (435mi) range and improved hydrogen fuel cell.

The new Clarity, which replaces the FCX Clarity, has a 130kW electric motor connected to a hydrogen fuel cell stack that can generate over 100kW. The new stack has a output density of 3.1kW per liter, about 60 percent better than the old car’s.

The motor and fuel cell are both located under the hood, a first for a sedan body fuel cell car. There’s a 70MPa high pressure hydrogen tank, giving the Clarity a range of over 700km (435mi).

The Clarity is available for lease in Japan from March 2016, with initial cars designated for government bodies and large companies. General sales will begin later and the Clarity will be priced from ¥7.66 million (US$62,950).

The Clarity will then be “evolved” for sale in Europe and the USA.