GM, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover stop sales in Russia

General Motors, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover have temporarily halted sales in Russia due to the sliding value of rouble.

GM stopped sales from December 16 in order to “manage its business risk”. This means that new sales of Opel, Chevrolet and Cadillac cars will happen until further notice. The company will honour all sales made prior to the 16th at the previously agreed price.

Audi also halted sales on December 16 and will pause production on December 22 at its plant in Kaluga for a 12 day holiday, although this was scheduled prior to the present currency crisis.

Parent company Volkswagen has also halted sales, but will resume sales when it has adjusted its price list.

Jaguar Land Rover has halted sales until December 19.

Other car makers will implement less drastic changes. Toyota will raise prices in the near future, but apparently has no plans to halt sales at this stage.

Source: Automotive News

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GM, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover stop sales in Russia