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Genesis’ Europe launch delayed to 2019: Needs PHEVs, EVs

Hyundai’s new luxury brand, Genesis, won’t be launched in Europe until at least 2019, because it needs to prepare non-gasoline drivetrains.

Thomas Schmid, Hyundai Europe’s COO, told Automotive News Europe, “Europe won’t see [Genesis] before 2019. The main reason is we need different powertrains.”

The company is working plug-in hybrid and full electric drivetrains for Genesis. No word on turbo-diesel engines though.

Schmid says that Genesis won’t launch in Europe until it has SUVs and the right drivetrains, because “we want to be successful, and successful also means profitable.”

Genesis says that by 2020 it will have a six model range, including the G90 (Equus replacement), G80 (Hyundai Genesis replacement), G70 (BMW 3-Series fighter), a G70 based SUV, a G80 based SUV, and a G70 based coupe.

The Genesis brand will initially be rolled out in North America, China, the Middle East and South Korea.

Source: Automotive News Europe