Ford GT dealers need to spend $30,000 to service supercar

Dealers hoping to the service the Ford GT will need to spend at least US$30,000 on new equipment, and have specially trained staff to deal with the car.

Prospective dealers need to have a specialized fully enclosed trailer to transport owners’ Ford GT supercars to and from the service center.

Once in the service center, only technicians that have been trained by Multimatic, the Canadian builder of the GT, will be allowed to service the vehicle.

On top of that, one repairs are done, the GT needs to kept covered in a special clean work area. Inside the dealership only GT certified technicians and a designated member of the service staff will be able to move the car.

If the repairs go beyond the basic, Multimatic will fly in one of its specialists to help repair the car. Should fixed need to be made to the body or drivetrain, the car will need to be sent to Multimatic in Canada to be repaired.

Oh, and a member of staff will need to be contactable at all times by owners to deal with any issues related to the car.

Source: All Ford Mustangs