Ford F-150 aluminum frame shortage holding back supply

Ford’s frame supplier for the F-150 truck, Metalsa, can’t supply enough frames to allow the car maker to run overtime shifts for America’s top-selling pickup.

Automotive News is reporting that frame supply problems have forced Ford to cancel some overtime shifts and even cut short some regular shifts.

Bob Shanks, Ford CFO, said in response to questioning, “Whenever you have launches, you have issues that you have to deal with in the supply base. We’re always working closely with suppliers if there’s an issue to sort it out. If that were the case, that’s what we’d be doing.”

Shanks described the new F-150 as being at “volume production”.

On the upside, the aluminum Ford F-150 has a US$3,300 higher transaction price than the old model, with the average buyer paying US$43,300.

Source: Automotive News