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Fiat Chrysler to end car production in the USA by 2017

Fiat Chrysler will exit passenger manufacturing in the USA by early 2017, with the company producing only Jeep SUVs, Ram pickups and crossovers.

We know already that the Dodge Dart will go out of production by September 2016. The Chrysler 200 will follow within months, and the Dodge Viper’s final model year is 2017.

This will mean that early in 2017, Fiat Chrysler will only be producing Jeep SUVs, Ram pickup trucks, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee based Dodge Durango in the US.

The Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, and Dodge Challenger rear wheel drive sedans and coupes, and the Chrysler Pacifica minivan will be the company’s sole North American passenger cars, and all are built in Canada.

The move is part of Fiat Chrysler’s move to get the company’s profit margin up to 12 percent and near that of General Motors. The company is betting that gas prices will stay love, and Americans won’t fall out of love of big trucks and crossovers.

Source: The Detroit Free Press