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Fiat Chrysler may sell Alfa Romeo, Maserati to pay down $7 billion debt

Fiat Chrysler may be forced to sell off some of its brands, including Alfa Romeo and Maserati, if it wants to pay down its massive US$7 billion of debt.

Investors have pushed the price of Fiat Chrysler stocks up to almost €9 after it sank to below €5 in July.

According to Forbes, markets are anticipating that the Fiat Chrysler will sell off some of its divisions in order to pay off some of its US$7 billion debt, the largest in the auto industry.

Most likely to be sold off are the Alfa Romeo and Maserati luxury brands, and the components maker Magneti Marelli.

Investors are also hopeful that a President Trump fuelled boom will see sales and profits grow in the US, where FCA makes most of it profit thanks to Jeep SUVs and Ram pickup trucks.

Source: Forbes