Ferrari SUV coming from around 2021 with suicide doors and hybrid V8

Ferrari is working on its first SUV, and it will be based on the next generation GTC4. It will have suicide doors, coupe style, five seats and be a hybrid.

Codenamed Project F16X, the new SUV will have an aluminum body, standard AWD, and a V8 hybrid powertrain. There will be no B pillar, and suicide doors will give easy access to the rear row of 3 seats.

Although it will have tall suspension, it won’t be called an SUV, but it will double Ferrari’s annual output from 8,000 cars to 16,000 per year.

The replacement for the GTC4 is due in 2020, and the Ferrari SUV is due in 2021. Both will have front midship engine layout, but the GTC4 replacement will have a V12 and the SUV will have a V8 hybrid.

Source: Car