Ferrari etymology: What does its name mean? Who is it named after?

Amongst car fans and casual observers, Ferrari is one of the most storied and illustrious names in the automotive world, but who or what is it named after?

Credit: Giorgio Benvenuti/Ferrari Media

This one’s easy, Ferrari is named after is founder, Enzo Ferrari. The company traces its roots back in 1929 when Enzo started the racing team Scuderia Ferrari — literally Stable [of] Ferrari or, more commonly, Team Ferrari.

For many years Enzo and his team engineered, raced, and prepped Alfa Romeo race cars, before he struck out on his own in 1939. Due to contractual obligations and World War II, Ferrari didn’t produce its first road car until 1947.

And, even then, Enzo did it reluctantly, with the sale of road-going cars used to fund his racing team.

Credit: Jerry Wyszatycki