Chrysler 200: Sedan axed, production ends after just two years

The second generation Chrysler 200 ceased production on December 2, 2016, just over two years after it went into production.

The death of the Chrysler 200 comes after production of the Dodge Dart ended in September 2016. Both the 200 and Dart were based on a stretched and widened version of the platform used by Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Jeep Cherokee.

Sales of the second generation Chrysler 200 started well, but collapsed after the company withdrew incentives. Sales were not helped by mixed reviews, poor rear sear room and entry, and shift and reliability problems with the 9-speed automatic.

There are still plenty of Chrysler 200 sedans available, with supplies said to last until mid 2017.

Produced at the Sterling Heights factory in Michigan, the plant will be retooled through 2017 to produce the next generation Ram 1500 pickup truck, which will go on sale in early 2018.

Source: The Detroit News

Credit: Jim Frenak - FPI Photography