Cadillac registers CT2, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT7, CT8, XT2, XT3, XT6, XT7, XT8

Cadillac has registered every CT and XT name between 2 and 8, suggesting it will stick with alphanumeric names while Lincoln moves back to proper names.

GM Inside News has discovered Cadillac’s trademark filing. We know the company will launch a new sedan to split the difference and replace both the CTS and ATS, and this will likely be called CT5. There’s also rumors of a smaller CT4 model.

These two cars will join the existing CT6, XT4 and XT5.

The registration doesn’t mean Cadillac will use every name. BMW has trademarked i1 thru to i9, but only has the i3 and i8 on sale today.

The company started the rebranding process a few years ago, and is slowly moving from ATS, CTS, XTS and others to having CT names for sedans/coupes/wagons, and XT names for crossovers.

The only model spared from this Euro alphabet and number soup is the Escalade.

Source: GM Inside News