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Cadillac Mercedes-Benz CLA rival to be based on FWD Chevy Cruze?

Rumor has it that GM is seriously considering a front-wheel drive Cadillac to take on the Mercedes-Benz CLA, which will use the Cruze’s Delta 2 platform.

GM Inside News has learnt that an internal program code D2JL is doing the rounds at the Renaissance Center. D2 indicates the Delta 2 (or D2XX) platform that’s used in the second generation Chevrolet Cruze and the new Opel Astra K.

J is GM’s internal code for a hatchback model, while L indicates that it’s for the Cadillac brand. In GM, a hatch can refer to both a classic hatchback shape, as well as liftback style body, as used on the latest Chevrolet Volt.

GM reportedly believes that a Caddy based on the D2XX platform can net a premium of between US$6,000 and US$9,000 over the Cruze. A 1.5-liter turbo is expected for the base model, while high end versions will use a 2-liter turbo I4.

Source: GM Inside News