Cadillac ELR production ceased Feb 2016, no-one noticed

Production of the Cadillac ELR ended in February, but GM didn’t tell anyone, and the automotive press has only just (in the middle of May) picked up on it.

We guess this answers the question: if a tree dies in the forest, and no-one’s there to notice it, did it really die? In fact, did it even live at all?

In case you’re not fully up to date with the history of the Cadillac ELR, it’s a beautiful 2-door coupe with the same drivetrain as the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt. It should’ve been a home run, or at the very least a lovely halo car for the brand that sells tons of gas guzzling Escalades.

Instead, they priced the small coupe at almost US$80,000. The Volt in base trim was sold at around US$32,000. That’s almost US$50,000 extra for two fewer doors, a lovely exterior, a more luxurious interior, and the dubious value of a Cadillac badge.

Sales were predictably minuscule, 1,310 were sold in 2014, and 1,024 in 2015.