Cadillac ELR overpriced admits marketing chief

In a frank admission, Cadillac’s marketing chief has admitted that the Chevy Volt-based ELR coupe is over-priced.

In a conversation with Bloomberg Business, Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac’s chief of marketing, said: “The MSRP was, indeed, a mouthful. We overestimated that customers would realize our competitors were naked at that price.”

Ellinghaus concluded, “One thing is fair to say: We’ve had a great learning exercise with this car”.

As Bloomberg Business points out, the Cadillac ELR shares its plug-in hybrid drivetrain Chevrolet Volt. The Volt starts at US$35,170, while the ELR was just shy of US$76,000.

The ELR might have a sexier coupe body, acres of leather, LED headlights and some other nifty features, but many, it seems, can’t handle the two-fold price jump. According to Bloomberg, some New York City dealers have been advertizing the ELR at US$50,000.

The 2016 model year ELR, above, has been priced lower at US$66,000.

Source: Bloomberg Business