Cadillac ELR: No second generation coupe, says Cadillac boss

The current plug-in hybrid Cadillac ELR coupe will the first and last car to bear that name, with the brand having no plans to develop a second generation model.

Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac’s president, told Automotive News that “I plan to continue admiring it as one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels, but we don’t plan further investment.”

The Cadillac ELR is undeniably a beautiful car, but it’s price and shared drivetrain with the much, much, much, much, cheaper first-generation Chevrolet Volt ultimately doomed it in the market.

Launched in 2013, the ELR had a sticker price of US$75,995. A contemporary Volt starts at just under US$32k.

In 2014, 1,310 Cadillac ELRs were sold. In 2015 that slipped to 1,024 ELRs.

Source: Automotive News