BYD etymology: What does its letters stand for and name mean?

BYD is a Chinese car company that’s garnered as much attention for its electric vehicles as it has for its copycat designs, but what do the letters BYD stand for?

The letters BYD stand for Build Your Dreams.

Wang Chuanfu founded the car maker in 2003 in the city of Xian, home of the world famous terracotta warriors.

BYD is noted for having sold, and continuing to sell, a number of vehicles that look very similar to those made by other manufacturers. For example, the F0 looks uncannily like the Toyota Aygo, and the M6 is styled like a Toyota Previa/Tarago, the S6 like a Lexus RX.

The company has attracted investment from Warren Buffet because it is pushing heavily into plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles. On top of leading the EV and PHEV field in China, it has a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz, with the two companies working together on the Denza EV brand.