BMW Vision Future Luxury previews next 7-Series: tablet, OLED at rear

At the Beijing Auto Show BMW has trotted out the BMW Vision Future Luxury, which provides a few clues to the next generation 7-Series sedan, as well as the company’s next batch of entertainment and nav systems.

Although we have no idea what’s powering the BMW Vision Future Luxury (there’s an e-Drive badge on the trunk suggesting that it’s a hybrid, at the very least), we do know that night time illumination is provided for by BMW’s Laser Light system, which will debut in the i8. At the rear the Vision Future Luxury uses OLEDs instead of LEDs for its tail-lights.

As is usual for concept cars, the BMW Vision Future Luxury features frameless door glass and reverse hinged suicide doors. In this case, the concept goes one step further by half-eliminating the B-pillar (the pillar between the roof and floor located to the rear of the front passengers’ seats). The top-half of the B-pillar remains, but the bottom section is integrated into front passengers’ carbon fibre seats.

Inside the cabin, the Vision Future Luxury mixes carbon fibre, leather, wood and aluminium to nice effect. On the front dash there’s a large LCD instrument cluster, as well as a large central display and a third thin screen ahead of the front passenger. At the rear there are screens mounted in the front seat backs, as well as a tablet interface situated along the centre tunnel.