Audi Q8 Sport Concept: 2019 Q8 crossover coupe previewed again

The Audi Q8 Sport Concept is a sportier version of the Q8 Concept from the Detroit Motor Show, which was a plug-in hybrid with 330kW (443hp) and 700Nm (516 lb-ft).

The Q8 Sport Concept has a 3-liter turbo V6 mild hybrid drivetrain with a total output of 350kW (476hp) and 700Nm (516 lb-ft). The V6 makes 331kW (450hp), the electric motor makes 20kW (27hp) and 170Nm (125 lb-ft), and a 40V electrical system.

It has a 0-100 km/h time of 4.7s, a top speed of 275km/h (171mph), and range of 1,200km (746mi). The Q8 Sport Concept has 305/35 tires with 23-inch wheels, and 20-inch ceramic disc brakes.

The Audi Q8 goes on sale in 2018.


Length: 5,020mm | 197.6 inches
Width: 2,050m | 80.7 inches
Height: 1,700mm | 66.9 inches
Wheelbase: 3,000mm | 118.1 inches