Audi AI:ME: Cute concept has a self driving, plenty of space

The Audi AI:ME concept car has a level 4 self driving, a 125kW (168hp) electric motor for the rear axle, and 2-plus-x seating arrangement.

The AI:ME has two individual seats up front and a bench at the back. Range should be decent with a 65kWh battery pack.

The cabin is bright and airy with lots of windows letting light in. There’s lots of wood and European lounge design in there too.

In a neat touch, there are also plants in the ceiling to help improve air quality and provide a break from the city environment.


Length: 4.3m | 169.3″
Width: 1.9m | 74.8″
Height: 1.52m | 59.8″
Wheelbase: 2.77m | 109.1″