Alfa RomeoMiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo: What does its name mean?

Odd capitalisation, a once existent full stop, what’s the deal the with the name Alfa Romeo MiTo? Find out with us today.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo hatch is named after the cities of Milan and Torino (Turin). Milan was the city that the car was designed in, while Turin is the city that the three-door hatch is built.

According to Alfa, the name is also a play on “mito”, which in Italian means mythical or legendary. The car was initially spelt out as Mi.To, but the accepted spelling is now MiTo.

The MiTo was actually subject to a public naming competition, and the winning entry was Furiosa. For reasons only known to Fiat, the company decided to go with MiTo instead.

Credit: Aldo Ferrero / Alfa Romeo