2022 Dodge Viper is “not in the plan” according to Marchionne. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, Car and Driver reported with great certainty the Dodge Viper was going to be revived in 2021 as a convertible with a V8 engine. Seems like that’s not the case after all.

They even said: “Trust us: A new Dodge Viper is happening.”

Seems like it isn’t.

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler CEO, told Road & Track a new Dodge Viper is “not in the plan”. He even said the company lost money on the last Viper.

With Marchionne and his team hyperfocused on making FCA as profitable as possible, a loss making car that drinks like your crazy uncle doesn’t really gel.

Source: Road & Track via AutoGuide

Credit: Richard Prince / Dodge