2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: 6 inches longer, available Super Cruise

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV has crossover styling, a unique and bigger body, and the option of Level 3 highway self driving.

The Bolt EUV has a totally unique body, although the styling is similar to the facelifted Bolt EV hatch, with black plastic fender extensions and a taller ride height for an SUVish look.

It’s a full six inches longer than the Bolt hatch, which is 164-in (4.17m), around the size of a Honda Fit. The EUV should be about 170-in (4.3m), making it a little smaller than the TrailBlazer at 173-in (4.39m).

The Bolt EUV (like the Bolt EV hatch) has an electric motor with 149kW (200hp) and 361Nm (266 lb-ft), a single speed transmission, and front wheel drive. The 65kWh battery has an EPA range rating of 402km (250mi).

Unlike the Bolt hatch, the Bolt EUV is available with Super Cruise, a Level 3 hands off self driving system for certain interstate highways in the US and Canada. Until now Super Cruise has only been available on Cadillac models.