2021 Nissan Patrol Nismo: Wild looks, carryover tuned V8 engine

The Middle East loves big Japanese SUVs with big V8s and big personalities. It might have to do with cheap gas, I don’t know.

While the Nismo tuned 5.6L V8 still makes 319kW (428hp) and 560Nm (413 lb-ft) as the non facelifted model, that’s still around 21kW (28hp) more than the standard V8 in the Patrol.

Instead of tuning hte V8 engine for more horses, Nissan has dialed up the looks to 13 with out there (and then some) bumpers, red spoilers, and Nismo branding everywhere.

The Patrol Nismo is a Middle East only model, so don’t expect to see an Armada version. Thankfully we get a better interior.